Our Policies

Health Safety and Environmental (HSE)

Management of Trove Maintenance Services Limited is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for the employees and others that may visit, or enter the company work site and to protecting the environment.

Trove Maintenance Services Limited recognizes that the success of the health safety and Environmental programs are contingent and dependent upon support from the top level of management, to the involvement of all employees in the company, protecting the environment and working safely play an equal part in our operations.

Quality Assurance Policy

It is the policy of Trove Maintenance Services Limited to provide products and services that satisfy the Client’s needs, meets specified quality requirements, and is in accordance with contractual, code and regulatory requirements.

We are fully committed to the attainment of all the standards set by the ISO 9001 -2000 series for our quality standards, and ISO 14000 for the safety and protection of the environment in which we work.

Authority and Accountability

Trove Maintenance Services Limited management recognizes and accepts the responsibility for providing resources and guidance for the development and implementation for the health, safety and Environmental programs. Management has the authority to delegate any or all portions of these programs to employees, but management will ensure that employees comply with these programs.

Employee Commitment and Responsibilities

Trove Maintenance Services Limited recognizes that the success of it operation company-wide is largely dependent upon the involvement of the entire workforce.

Management aggressively solicits the assistance and commitment of all employees to the implementation of the health, safety and environmental programs. All employees are required to comply & abide by, operate within the company health, safety & environmental programs.

Contractors and Subcontractor Responsibilities

Employees of outside contractors that provide or perform services for the company are considered “contractors these contractors are responsible for ensuring that their employees and the services provided by their employees are performed and delivered consistent with all health and safety regulatory policies. The company health, safety and environmental manual will be made available for review to all.